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Technical Support Engineer, China

ID:  1527
Function:  Engineering

Shanghai, CN

Overall purpose and areas of focus:


  • The overall purpose is to constantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing technical support to our partners.
  • 此职位总体的需求是通过与公司合作伙伴紧密的配合来支持终端客户,从而不断的提高终端客户的满意度和忠诚
  • Focus area:
  • 以下几方面是此职位的工作内容:
  • Trouble shooting of breakdowns
  • 排查机器人的软硬件问题,提供技术解决方案
  • Support project commissioning
  • 支持售后项目的调试
  • Technical training to partners and end-users
  • 给予合作伙伴和用户高质量的技术培训
  • Post-sales project support
  • 售前应用项目支持




  • Provide high quality technical support to MiR partners in terms of hardware/software trouble shooting daily basis via JIRA, mail, phone/conference calls and etc.
  • 通过JIRA系统,邮件,远程会议,现场支持等方式,给合作伙伴提供必要的技术支持,包括问题排查,应用方案等。
  • Conduct technical training in person or online to different levels, including MiR certificated distributors/system integrators/end-users.
  • 举办线上、线下的技术培训,主要是公司认证的经销商、系统集成商和重点用户。
  • Write technical documents mainly in Chinese for the purpose of technical/application training, trouble-shooting guide and complex robot/Fleet system setup.
  • 技术文档的撰写和维护,包括问题排查,技术/应用培训材料以及应用指导等。
  • Support sales project, conducting application analysis and apply contemporary technical suggestion to assist MiR partners to prepare application solution, or complete application solution independently by studying end-user’s requirement.
  • 售前项目支持,对于项目中应用场景以及用户需求的分析,支持合作伙伴准备应用方案给到用户端,同时也能够深入的与客户进行沟通,学习、研究客户的生产工艺、流程等,从而能够独立的开发深层次的应用,并且能够独立的提供应用方案给到最终用户。
  • Regular technical meeting with HQ to learn new feature of software or new product, and report quality issues/software bugs to HQ in time.
  • 参与和总部技术、研发或者产品部门的讨论,学习新产品、产品的新功能等,并且能够及时准确的反馈给总部关于目前产品的质量问题和软件bug.


Professional qualifications:


  • Bachler degrees or above in mechatronics, electronics, automation engineering or computer science with minimum 5 years working experience in robotics and/or industrial automation.
  • 本科及以上学历,电子/机电专业,自动化专业或者计算机专业。具有至少5年以上在机器人行业或者工业自动化行业的经验。
  • Competency to understand required technical topics (mechanical designs, electronics, network/wifi, system integration with up computer system/MES/WMS) in a reasonable level in order to quick solve problems regarding robots/Fleet system as well as best provide recommendation on a top module design/choose and system integration to partners.
  • 对于此职位必要的技术能力需要达到能够快速分析、解决机器人的软硬件问题,同时需要对于工业自动化系统有深刻的理解,能够提供专业的意见给到合作伙伴。必要的技能包括机械设计/安装、电子电路、计算机网络、系统集成、上位机系统等。
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, including a demonstrated ability to interpret complex technical information and a comprehensive method to identify root cause of breakdown.
  • 优秀的问题分析能力,包括对于复杂系统的梳理、分析,问题排查。
  • The ability to review complex engineering designs and application concepts, to identify challenges that may prevent a sales project or commissioning from moving forward, thus ability to find out countermeasures and workaround is required.
  • 优秀的工程设计以及应用概念的分析能力,能够全面的找出应用项目中的瓶颈,并且能够制定出合理有效的解决方案。
  • Experience of Modbus, REST API programming or commissioning.
  • 需要有Modbus TCP, REST API编程或者调试的经验。
  • Industrial Wi-Fi experience is a plus.
  • 有工业无线网络的经验。
  • Experience of ROS development is a plus.
  • ROS开发的经验优先考虑。
  • Experience of mobile robots commissioning is a huge plus.
  • 有过移动机器人开发或者成熟案例调试的经验优先考虑。
  • Fluent speak and written English skills, and be capable to hold meetings in English.
  • 英语听说读写需要流利,能够开展英文技术会议。
  • Business traveling is mandatory (30%-50% of working time).
  • 此职位需要30%50%的国内(为主)、国外出差。


Personal qualifications:


  • You should be passionate to provide technical support, and be motivated while customers are satisfied by resolving technical issues and propose excellent application solution.
  • 我们希望候选人对技术支持工作有激情,能够从帮助客户解决实际技术、应用问题中得到自我激励。
  • You should be always ready for rapid changes in terms of technology in mobile robots industries., and you should be a quick leaner to digest new technologies in order to provide advanced solution to customers.
  • 你应该对移动机器人技术的快速变化保持敏感性,并且能够快速的学习新的技术,从而为客户提供更高级的应用方案。
  • High sense of responsibility, quality and ownership permeates your work. You are also strongly structured with a well-developed sense for tasks/projects both in short term and long term.
  • 我们希望候选人对于工作有高度的责任心,能够对于工作中负责的任务、项目等有着清晰的认识,并且能够做短期和长期的应对计划。
  • Your time management skills and ability to prioritise your work will be crucial to ensure you meet tight deadlines, and you will be able to work flexibly to accommodate changes in work priorities.
  • 你应该拥有灵活的管理时间的技能,能够胜任多任务并行处理,并且对于任务的时间节点有着严格的把控。

Job Segment: Technical Support, Electronics Engineer, Engineer, Telecom, Telecommunications, Technology, Engineering