Test Development Engineer

Date: Nov 18, 2023

Location: Kumamoto, JP

Company: Teradyne

Test Development Engineer

Organization and Role

The Teradyne Operations team is looking for a highly motivated, energetic, technically driven Test Development Engineer to focus on analysis of defective products and feedback design team for improvement of the process circulation and the verification of hardware products within the Semiconductor Test division. This role involves a combination of individual and team activity and requires the ability to successfully interface with individuals from different functional groups - from Hardware and Software Design to Manufacturing and Planning - to achieve desired outcomes.




  • Failure Analysis, Repair and case of Develop and deploy comprehensive test plans, processes and measurement techniques to verify functionality and performance of complex products and provide feedback to improvements.
  • Debug to component level to determine root causes of failures.
  • Document and communicate issues identified during debug and analysis processes.
  • Analyze and present data for the purpose of resolving issues with hardware, software and processes.
  • Create and present Yield and Fault charts.
  • Train and support technicians and other engineers in the execution of test processes and debug of failures
  • Occasional Travel to other domestic and international locations to train and support other groups.


  • 不良分析、修理に加え、複雑な製品の機能や性能を検証するための包括的なテスト計画、テストプロセス、及び測定技術の開発及び展開を行い、改善のためにフィードバックを行う
  • 不良の原因を突き止めるためにコンポーネントレベルのデバッグを行う
  • デバッグ及び分析中に検出した問題について文書化し伝達する
  • ハードウェア、ソフトウェア、およびプロセスの問題を解決する目的でデータを分析および提示する
  • 歩留まりと不良のチャートを作成して提示する
  • テストプロセスの実行時の障害やデバッグについて、テクニシャンやその他のエンジニアをトレーニングおよびサポートする
  • 他グループをトレーニングおよびサポートするため、国内外への出張を行う


  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Self-motivated, with positive attitude and able to work with limited supervision.
  • Solid verbal and written skills
  • Commitment to excellence, efficiency, and product quality
  • Solid presentation skills
  • TOEIC 600 or higher is preferred.
  • Experience with Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and hardware preferred.
  • Experience with product development as well as transition to production


  • 優れたトラブルシューティング及び問題解決スキル
  • 優れた分析スキル
  • 自発的で、前向きな姿勢を持ち、限られた監督の下で働くことができる
  • 確かな口頭及び文書のスキル
  • 卓越性、効率性、および製品品質への取り組み
  • 確かなプレゼンテーションスキル
  • TOEIC 600点もしくはそれ以上が望ましい
  • 自動試験装置(ATE)およびハードウェアの経験が望ましい
  • 製品開発および生産への移行の経験が望ましい



  • BS in electrical/computer engineering, or related field from a university or engineering institution and years of experience
  • 電気/コンピューター工学の学士、または大学や工学機関の関連分野での長年の経験


Job Segment: Developer, Test Engineer, Testing, Product Development, Manufacturing Engineer, Technology, Engineering, Research