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Channel Program Manager

ID:  2714
Function:  Sales Operations

Shanghai, CN

Basic Responsibilities

  • Continuously analyse and evaluate the markets and the market development in the region.
  • 持续分析评估区域市场和市场发展状况
  • Based on market analysis and facts, and as a support to the sales and marketing teams in the region, develop distributor and system integrator channel strategies to grow revenue and market share
  • 基于市场分析和现状,支持销售和市场部门,制定渠道战略实现业绩和市场份额增长
  • Develop new qualified distributors, ensure a high level of ramp-up success, while continuously  evaluate potential target distributors and system integrators across regions and industries
  • 发展新的合格经销商,确保高水平的成功,同时不断评估在跨区域和跨行业的潜在目标分销商和系统集成商
  • Drive regional (local) channel tactical planning,marcom campaigns and project timelines to support the channel strategy
  • 驱动区域渠道发展规划,市场活动和项目进展等以支持渠道战略的实施
  • Drive and secure implementation of regional (local) channel and partner incentive programs
  • 驱动并确保区域渠道及渠道激励计划的执行
  • Build processes to support the channel competency development, ensuring their success as they grow
  • 建立流程发展渠道竞争力,确保渠道在成长中获得成功
  • Work with regional GMs to implement the regional channel strategy
  • GM一起执行区域渠道战略;
  • Continuously analyse and monitor the regional channel growth and strategic progress
  • 持续跟踪分析区域渠道增长和战略进程

 Job Requirements 

  • Relevant educational background
  • 相关教育背景
  • 5+ years of hands on regional experience in B2B channel management, including an in-depth understanding of system integrators 
  • 5年以上B2B渠道管理经验,包括深入了解系统集成商
  • Experience could be with automation industry
  • 自动化相关经验
  • Good communication skills. Fluency in English is required. 
  • 良好的沟通技巧,英语熟练


  • Highly self-motivated and goal oriented
  • 高度自我激励和目标导向
  • Strong analytical thinker and ability to use creating problems solving.
  • 善于思考分析和有创造性解决问题的能力
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • 较强的沟通和团队工作技巧
  • Adaptation and ability to contribute in a fast based dynamic company
  • 适应能力强和有能力在一个动态发展的公司做出贡献
  • Hands on working style and strong leadership skills
  • 事必亲恭的工作风格
  • Ability to multitask, highly organized and good at managing priorities.
  • 具有多任务能力,高度的组织性和善于管理工作重点
  • Strong communication skills and good at teaching others.
  • 有较强的沟通和教学技巧
  • Good negotiation skills and ability and close contracts.
  • 良好的谈判技巧和能力,完成合同签署
  • Has strong vision and good at value selling.
  • 具有大局观以及长远的战略眼光和良好的价值销售理念

Job Segment: Program Manager, Sales Operations, Manager, Marketing Manager, Management, Sales, Marketing