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Business Development Manager 客戶發展經理

ID:  6882
Function:  Sales

Taipei, TW


Roles & Responsibility

  • 針對目標行業中的新大客戶透過經銷商和系統整合商合作,制定成長策略和行動方針。

Develop growth strategies and action plans for new large accounts and unique channel (distributors and system integrators) in targeted industries.

  • 準備年度預算計劃和季度業務計劃,確保實現KPI和銷售成長。 如果當季未達標,需制定下季改善對策確保預算達成。

Prepare annual budget planning and quarterly business plans ensuring achievement of KPIs and strong growth.  Develop quarterly countermeasures to get back to the budget if missed.


  • 與亞太區域和台灣行銷團隊合作制定銷售和營銷策略,戰略定位UR並在目標大客戶中創建品牌知名度。

Build sales and marketing strategy in collaboration with regional and local marketing teams to strategically position UR and create brand awareness in target large accounts.

  • 與分銷商銷售團隊和系統整合商一起定期到目標大客戶進行聯合拜訪,確定並促成新業務和重複業務的成交。

Facilitate regular joint visits with distributor’s sales teams & system integrators to targeted large accounts to identify and close new and repeat business.


  • 使用CRM或Salesforce進行銷售活動和分析銷售報告

Conduct sales activities and analyze sales reports using CRM or Sales force.


  • 70%時間國內出差

Account for 70% travel time, mainly domestic.




  • 工程(機械、電氣或機電)學士學位或更高學歷。

Bachelor degree or higher in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical or Mechatronic) would be a plus.

  • 5-8年的銷售經歷,從小到中大型終端用戶開發,熟悉目標市場如物流倉儲、食品和飲料、半導體電子、金屬加工CNC、醫療製藥相關領域

Minimum of 5-8 years demonstrated track record of business development from SMEs to large account end users in Logistic & Warehouse, Food & Beverage, Semicon & Electronics, Metal Fabrication CNC, & Medical & Pharma industry.


  • 具有機器手臂相關應用、系統整合和工業自動化方面的經驗更佳。

Experience in robotic application, system integration, and industrial automation is preferred

Familiarity with target segments such as

  • 商務英語書面和口語能力

Business proficiency in English is mandatory (written and spoken).

  • 能夠進行有組織性的銷售、計劃、預算、管道管理和市場活動

Capable of structured sales, plans, budgets, pipeline management & marketing activity.

  • 具有影響高階經營層到技術團隊不同決策層次的商業眼光

Business acumen capable on different decision levels from senior management to technical teams.

  • 具有良好的跨文化差異理解,並具有良好的溝通和簡報技巧。

Strong communication & presentation with a good understanding of cross cultural differences



Preferred Profile

  • 具有積極主動開發心態,能夠獨立作戰的方式展開工作。

Proactive with hunter mindset, capable of initiating work in a structured and independent approach.

  • 結果導向,有創意思維,以達到所需結果

Results orientated and resourceful thinking to achieve the desired results

  • 擅長建立關係,具有團隊合作心態

Strong in building relationships and team player mindset.

  • 具有機器手臂應用/系統整合知識

Possesses robotic application/system integration knowledge.



Job Segment: Marketing Manager, Business Development, Electrical, Fabrication, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Engineering

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