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Occupational Nurse

ID:  5482
Function:  Administration

Jubei City, TW


  1. Ensure that overall occupational health activities are conducted in compliance with the legal and company requirements.
  2. Plan and implement annual health check-ups (including Special Hazardous Working Operation), analyze and assessment employees’ health check-up results and health management and data preservation.
  3. Assist company in selecting and matching employees for appropriate jobs.
  4. Follow-up management and health guidance for those with abnormal health examination results.
  5. Handle the assessment and case management of employees under the age of 18, employees at risk of maternal health hazards, occupational injury and disease employees and occupational health- related high risk employees.
  6. Preserve occupational health or occupational health-related research reports, injury and disease records.
  7. Promote employees' healthy lifestyles and well-being through coaching and providing awareness.
  8. Develop and implement an occupational health program for Taiwan, with the objective to proactively reduce risks and ensure compliance with Taiwan's health and safety laws and regulations.
  9. Plan and implement the prevention of occupational injury and disease through a comprehensive proactive occupational health program.
  10. Develop the First Aid process, emergency treatment, and health consultation as well as maintain the medical supply items (e.g., AED, First Aid Kits).
  11. Maintain the records of occupational injury/diseases and assist in the investigation of on-site injuries and incidents.
  12. Identify and evaluate potential health and safety risks at the workplace and proactively recommend for improvement.
  13. Nursing room management and maintenance.
  14. Other matters related to occupational health are assigned by the company.



1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

2. Registered nurse license
3. 3+ years of relevant work experience in the high tech company
4. Completed 52-hour Occupational Labor Health Service Nursing training and obtained training certificates.

5. Good command of written and spoken English

6. Good communication skills to work with cross-functional team

7. Good teamwork spirit

8. Being proactive, independent, self-driven, and flexible

Job Segment: Compliance, Network, Supply, Legal, Technology, Research, Operations